Building Clinical Research With You

cro4Q is the Zeta Research's CRO (Contract Research Organization) registered at AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) that develops professional researches in the scientific and statistics field. Since over a decade Zeta Research is offering scientific, technical and statistics consulting services for the medical and clinical sectors.

cro4Q offers complete service that follow experiments, clinical and pharmaceutical researches in the following sectors: medicine, biomedicine, biotechnology and medical devices.

Quality support and tools are offered to the client: methodological and normative adequacy, protocol design, biostatistical services for protocol (SAP), data management, statistical analysis, medical writing and reporting.

A synergic group of professionals belonging to different fields work in team in order to offer specific replies to the specific needs of the client.



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Statistical and methodological consulting

cro4Q joins and supports manufacturers, researchers and institutions in assessing the feasibility of a study and in building experimental/observational clinical trials. It also offers solutions for data collection and statistical processing (statistical analysis, production of statistical reports).

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data collection tools

Data collection & Data management

cro4Q offers a custom-made Clinical Data Management, according to the client’s needs. Data collection through CRF can be either on paper or online (web).

For every study a dedicated web site is provided for patients registration, general monitoring, randomization and adverse events management.

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doctor writing

Clinical Studies: Planning, Technical & Ethical Document's Management

cro4Q, according to EU regulatory system, offers a complete service of scientific, technical and ethical document writing and management, both for Medical Devices EC marking and for clinical studies.

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Medical writing: Abstracts, Scientific Papers, Reviews, Presentation Tools for Conferences

cro4Q offers a wide range of experience in the industrial, private, academic research and in creating scientific writings on international level.

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Surveys for the Medical Sector

cro4Q offers high quality telephone survey services for the medical sector. It uses the classic methods of market research and opinion polls applied to medical sciences service, with the aim of monitoring the patient and keep down the follow-up costs.

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